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"La dignità umana tra relazione e responsabilità"

Abstract: In the field of law, human dignity is not a new subject for study and enquiry, for it lies at the heart of every culture, dealing as it does with what it means to be human. There are new challenges today, however, in science and in teaching, regarding the understanding of the “identity” and “dignity” of human beings. Some cultural […]
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"Buon governo societario: un approccio al Libro Verde dell’UE del 2011 dal punto di vista della giustizia relazionale"

Abstract: The European Commission has recently stated that, especially in the current international economic crisis, it is of paramount importance that European enterprises demonstrate the utmost responsibility not only towards their employees and shareholders but also towards society at large. Corporate governance may be considered as a set of relationships between a company’s management, its board, its shareholders and its other […]
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"Democrazia, giustizia e partecipazione: la transitional justice e il contributo della fraternità"

Abstract: The evolution and the transformation of the reality of democracy, especially in relation to participation in it, opens up new possibilities for reflection upon sectors that, until now, have been seen as exclusively within the competence of “experts”. Among these the Italian justice system appears to be evolving towards a new institutional arrangement that includes several different elements and characteristics. […]
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"Dalla frammentazione alla costruzione della fiducia. L’Italia ‘senza Stato’ di Sabino Cassese"

Abstract: Una domanda sta alla base del libro di Sabino Cassese, docente di diritto internazionale e giudice emerito della Corte Costituzionale italiana: l’Italia: una società senza stato? È una domanda che potrebbe essere rivolta ad altre giovani Democrazie; e questo rende interessante il caso italiano anche per una comparazione con altri Paesi. Il processo di unificazione statuale italiano si attuò attorno […]
Lingua: Italiano

"Relazionalità e scienza economica. Una applicazione"

Abstract: Using game theory, and in particular “trust games”, it is possible, with a vision of reciprocity rooted in the “trinitarian paradigm”, to unpack gratuitousness as it characterizes reflection upon the category of gift in contemporary thought. In this way it is possible to come to a description of the dynamics of a “unconditional reciprocity”, in which the choice of giving […]
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"La visione politica di Jimmy Carter: tra fraternità e diritti umani"

Abstract: The presidency of Jimmy Carter (1976- 1980) marked a turning point in US policy. Domestically, it was characterized by economic crisis, huge popular distrust in politics, the growth of neoconservatism and increasing bitterness between Democrats and Republicans. Internationally, Carter attempted to recover the path of “enlightened internationalism”, taking up the doctrines of his illustrious Democratic predecessors such as Wilson and […]
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"Il conflitto colombiano e il ruolo della società civile"

Abstract: Both for historical reasons and because of its current political and social dynamic, the rebuilding of Columbia’s social fabric is key to resolving its present conflict. Research suggests that several conditions are needed for this, all focusing, it would seem, upon making civil society function: training new generations to follow the law and participate in constructive civic activities, creating in […]
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"Una sociologia per i tempi nuovi"

Abstract: Within the terms of a humanist and moral sociology, which wishes to understand the motivations of social actors in their actions and interactions, this article, following a historical presentation of the new tendencies and research in contemporary sociology, outlines the work of the group Social-One. The group, inspired by Chiara Lubich’s charism of unity, puts forward a concept that, even […]
Lingua: Italiano

"Fraternidad en Política"

Abstract: En este artículo el autor examina una serie de libros sobre la fraternidad, publicados en español a partir del 2006. Constituye el resultado de un nuevo interés por el tema de la fraternidad presente entre investigadores de la América Latina. Estos libros, en su mayor parte, son un conjunto de ensayos que incluyen varias disciplinas de las ciencias humanas y […]

"Fraternity in Politics: New Scholarship and Publications from America Latina"

Abstract: In this article, the author reviews a book series on fraternity, published in Spanish since 2006, that is the result of a new interest among Latin American scholars in the topic of fraternity. Most of the books in the series are edited volumes that include perspectives from several disciplines in the social sciences and the humanities. Latin American scholars have […]
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