"Una sociologia per i tempi nuovi"

Lingua: Italiano
Abstract: Within the terms of a humanist and moral sociology, which wishes to understand the motivations of social actors in their actions and interactions, this article, following a historical presentation of the new tendencies and research in contemporary sociology, outlines the work of the group Social-One. The group, inspired by Chiara Lubich’s charism of unity, puts forward a concept that, even though not greatly present in the tradition of sociology, is beginning to create interest within the discipline. This is agapic action, defined “as a social action, relation or interaction in which the subjects exceed (in giving, in receiving, in not rendering and not doing, in setting aside) all that went before, and consequently offer more than the situation demands”. It is not, therefore, a utilitarian way of behaving, it is not based on a principle of justice, it does not respond to a logic of solidarity, it does not in general presuppose reciprocity because, if it did, it would depart from the context of love-agape for one’s enemy or love for people unknown or for the ungrateful. The article illustrates thus some dimensions of agape and closes with the presentation of the beginning of various pieces of empirical research carried out in three different geographical and cultural contexts.
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