"Fraternity in Politics: New Scholarship and Publications from America Latina"

Lingua: English
Abstract: In this article, the author reviews a book series on fraternity, published in Spanish since 2006, that is the result of a new interest among Latin American scholars in the topic of fraternity. Most of the books in the series are edited volumes that include perspectives from several disciplines in the social sciences and the humanities. Latin American scholars have responded to an intellectual challenge brought from Italy to the region by Antonio Baggio’s seminal work on this topic. In the last five years, studies on fraternity have expanded throughout Latin America, as they have increasingly captured the attention from scholars and students from several countries. As an introduction to specific questions and findings on the study of fraternity, this article begins with a description of the vital academic collaboration that this research theme has developed, notably through the University Network for the Study of Fraternity (RUEF).
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