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"Fraternity and Educational Reform in Latin America"

Abstract: The author proposes that in a democratic society, education serves to establish fundamental relationships of fraternity, generating the “social capital” that bonds citizens together. Against this perspective, he examines the cultural values transmitted in the educational systems of six Latin American countries. He finds that following world-wide trends, the curricula have shifted from privileging nation as symbolic reference of community […]
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"Will there ever be a shared history"

Abstract: The monograph of prof. Angelo Ventura, currently emeritus professor of contemporary history at the University of Padua, Per una storia del terrorismo italiano (A history of Italian terrorism) collects in one volume some researches and historical analyses carried out on the subject during the 1970s and 1980s. He directly experienced the dramatic season of the student protests in Italy. A […]
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"Studies on fraternity: pointers on the work done during this past decade"

Abstract: This article mentions some academic events of the past decade and some relevant publications on the topic of fraternity, with the goal of offering a direction in preparation for the appointment on the 11-13 of March, 2013, «Fraternity as Relational Principle, in Law and Politics»; Sophia University Institute, Loppiano (Florence).
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"Fraternity in Politics: New Scholarship and Publications from America Latina"

Abstract: In this article, the author reviews a book series on fraternity, published in Spanish since 2006, that is the result of a new interest among Latin American scholars in the topic of fraternity. Most of the books in the series are edited volumes that include perspectives from several disciplines in the social sciences and the humanities. Latin American scholars have […]
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"The Arab Spring and Western Societies: Fraternity and Collective Leadership"

Abstract: This article uses the principle of fraternity to read some recent evolutions of the concept of leadership both in research and in practice (for instance, the Arab revolutions) from individual, to shared, to collective leadership. In particular, it explores how some fraternal characteristics of collective leadership can provide an effective practice, underpinning both successful participation and transformation. The fraternity principle, […]
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"Truth and Politics: The Loss of Authoritativeness in Contemporary Politics."

Abstract: This article deals with an aspect of the contemporary political crisis in Western countries, namely, the sharpening conflict between politics and truth, a problem interwoven with the progressive loss of authoritativeness in contemporary politics. The risk of reducing truth to opinion is to be expected in a merely procedural interpretation of democracy, obscuring the element of shared truth that lies […]
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"Il principio dimenticato: la fraternità nella sua dimensione pubblica."

Abstract: In questo saggio bibliografico l’Autore presenta il percorso, negli ultimi due decenni, del principio di fraternità, inteso nella sua dimensione sociale e politica. Il nuovo interesse per il “principio dimenticato” è cominciato in Europa, per poi diffondersi, in particolare, in America Latina, anche se non mancano pubblicazioni in altri continenti. L’interesse per la fraternità si è sviluppato in maniera interculturale […]
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"The Forgotten Principle: Fraternity in Its Public Dimension."

Abstract: In this article, the author presents background on the notion of fraternity, as well as events in Europe and in Latin America during the past decade or so that have led to a new scholarship on this “forgotten principle.” This scholarship that began in Europe, spread to Latin America, and then back to Europe with new insights and publications in […]
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"Love of All Loves: Politics and Fraternity in the Charismatic Vision of Chiara Lubich"

Abstract: Chiara Lubich gave a fundamental contribution to the rediscovery of fraternity, particularly during the last years of her public engagement. The present article tries to understand the original meaning that Chiara gave to fraternity. Her interpretation is rooted within the Trinitarian reality and, particularly, in Jesus forsaken; fraternity is deeply linked with the mystical experience of ’49. There is a […]
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