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"Qualità sociale e rivincita dell’homo agapicus oltre la crisi"

Abstract: A period of history is coming to an end. At the height of the postmodern era, there is a new social awareness. According to Giuseppe Maria Zanghí, this dimension of communion in society is part of being human, and is developing over time. Antonio Maria Baggio sees this re-awakening of the social sense in “civil society”. The present crisis can […]
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"L’amicizia civica in Aristotele"

Abstract: Although the Aristotelian idea of the polis is limited by some features of its historical context (slavery, men-women relationships), it can still be very relevant and productive, as seen by the way it was revived in the work of Christian thinker Jacques Maritain. Based on the relational nature of human persons, it emphasises the polis as a special kind of […]
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"Address to politicians and enterpreneurs"

Abstract: On May 7 1998, Chiara Lubich presented the Focolari Movement, and particularly its commitment in the renovation of political and economical behavior, to a group of Brazilian Members of Parliament and entrepreneurs gathered at the National Parliament. Understanding the other’s reasons, perceiving diversity as richness and particular regard to the poor are the fundamental tools to address actual problems in […]
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"Il dono, tra reciprocità e agape"

Abstract: Having underlined the favourable conditions of the current situation in Italy, the article de nes the of terms used by the social sciences for the concrete dynamics of daily life. It then goes on examine a series of key concepts for the phenomenon of ‘gift’ and for its theoretical understanding: law (whose observance is seen also within the logic of […]
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"Fontem (Camerun): fraternity’s laboratory"

Abstract: Sociologist, reflecting of the use of the words, observe that one term is often used in different manners. Therefore, in order to explain the intended meaning of fraternity, being aware that this work is not enough to fully do so, the authors give a strict sociological reading of a long-term practical experience: the cooperation between the Focolari movement and the […]
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"Fontem (Camerun): un laboratorio di fraternità"

Abstract: Riflettendo sull’uso delle parole, i sociologi fanno osservare che spesso vengono utilizzati gli stessi termini in modi diversi, pertanto per esemplificare cosa si intende per fraternità, coscienti che con questo esercizio non se ne esaurisce il significato, si è voluto sottoporre a una griglia di lettura prettamente sociologica un’esperienza concreta e pluridecennale di collaborazione – quella tra i Focolari e […]
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"Relazionalità e scienza economica. Una applicazione"

Abstract: Using game theory, and in particular “trust games”, it is possible, with a vision of reciprocity rooted in the “trinitarian paradigm”, to unpack gratuitousness as it characterizes reflection upon the category of gift in contemporary thought. In this way it is possible to come to a description of the dynamics of a “unconditional reciprocity”, in which the choice of giving […]
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"The Movement for Unity for a communion politics"

Abstract: At the first conference of the Political Movement for Unity, held in Castelgandolfo (Rome) June 9 - 11, 2000, Chiara Lubich presents the features of “communion politics”. Talking about the history of the Focolare Movement, Lubich underlines the fundamental contribution of Igino Giordani in the development of the political sensitivity of the Movement itself. Starting from this point, some of […]
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