"Qualità sociale e rivincita dell’homo agapicus oltre la crisi"

Lingua: Italiano
Abstract: A period of history is coming to an end. At the height of the postmodern era, there is a new social awareness. According to Giuseppe Maria Zanghí, this dimension of communion in society is part of being human, and is developing over time. Antonio Maria Baggio sees this re-awakening of the social sense in “civil society”. The present crisis can become an opportunity for the emergence and growth of this sense through a new political culture and a widespread increase in democratic participation. What is required however is a paradigm shift and a new model. On to the scene comes “homo agapicus”, with the strength necessary for generating the social bonds that provide a convincing response to the crisis of “liquid society”. We can see this theme running through the works of S. Hessel, E. Morin, and E. Pul- cini. Among the many examples of “agapic” activity, an important one is the Economy of Communion. Anthropological research is now exploring gift, reciprocity, agape, and fraternity. Are we moving from a Great Crisis towards a true Humanity?
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