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"Qualità sociale e rivincita dell’homo agapicus oltre la crisi"

Abstract: A period of history is coming to an end. At the height of the postmodern era, there is a new social awareness. According to Giuseppe Maria Zanghí, this dimension of communion in society is part of being human, and is developing over time. Antonio Maria Baggio sees this re-awakening of the social sense in “civil society”. The present crisis can […]
Lingua: Italiano

"Il dono, tra reciprocità e agape"

Abstract: Having underlined the favourable conditions of the current situation in Italy, the article de nes the of terms used by the social sciences for the concrete dynamics of daily life. It then goes on examine a series of key concepts for the phenomenon of ‘gift’ and for its theoretical understanding: law (whose observance is seen also within the logic of […]
Lingua: Italiano

"Social relations and fraternity: a paradox or a sustainable model?"

Abstract: The understanding of social relationships requires several paradigms that have enlightened the history of sociology. These paradigms are an expression of a given socio-cultural context. Today we are facing a remarkable change in the cultural structure; is it therefore legitimate to expect the rise of new paradigms? The proposed answer is affirmative and, among many possibilities, the author describes the […]
Lingua: Italiano
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