"Address to politicians and enterpreneurs"

Lingua: Italiano
Abstract: On May 7 1998, Chiara Lubich presented the Focolari Movement, and particularly its commitment in the renovation of political and economical behavior, to a group of Brazilian Members of Parliament and entrepreneurs gathered at the National Parliament. Understanding the other’s reasons, perceiving diversity as richness and particular regard to the poor are the fundamental tools to address actual problems in people’s everyday life as well as in legislation and administration. Chiara Lubich also presented the so-called “political covenant” that requires a closer relationship between elected representatives and citizens, where the latter are responsible for constant sharing, impulse and control. And finally, Lubich explains the “Economy of Communion” as the attempt to introduce a new logic and new dynamics into the market. Once again, the human being with its relations is the centre of the project; allowing a new raise of ethics both in business and personal relationships.
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