"Comunione: ‘spazio condiviso’ per un dialogo possibile tra economia e diritto"

Lingua: Italiano
Abstract: Practitioners of jurisprudence examining the relationship between law and economics, find themselves involved today in a debate that emphasises the differences between the two. The Economy of Communion (EoC), which has already been studied by economists is, instead, an opportunity for finding common ground between them. An example is the concept of communion which, while present in law and legislative processes, has added meaning in the EoC project. In the process of law, whose main reference point is the Italian Constitution, the interpretation offered by the concepts contained in the EoC points to a new understanding of ideas already familiar to lawyers, like “legality” and “liberty”. What the EoC leads to is a dialogue between disciplines which are no longer distant, and which come together in an interdisciplinary approach made possible by communion.
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