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"L’oggi del diritto: tramonto o ‘nuovi’ albori?"

Abstract: The deep crisis in law, to the point of “juridical nihilism”, requires us to look beyond the apparent absence of light on the horizon. Starting from the assumption that law is at the service of human beings, we trace the relational implications of this, and reconsider “juridical relationships” as relationships “ad alterum”. In this perspective, the idea of relationship emphasises […]
Lingua: Italiano

"Comunione: ‘spazio condiviso’ per un dialogo possibile tra economia e diritto"

Abstract: Practitioners of jurisprudence examining the relationship between law and economics, find themselves involved today in a debate that emphasises the differences between the two. The Economy of Communion (EoC), which has already been studied by economists is, instead, an opportunity for finding common ground between them. An example is the concept of communion which, while present in law and legislative […]
Lingua: Italiano

"La dignità umana tra relazione e responsabilità"

Abstract: In the field of law, human dignity is not a new subject for study and enquiry, for it lies at the heart of every culture, dealing as it does with what it means to be human. There are new challenges today, however, in science and in teaching, regarding the understanding of the “identity” and “dignity” of human beings. Some cultural […]
Lingua: Italiano

"Alle ‘fonti’ del diritto tra norma e vita"

Abstract: The author compares the way human relations are dealt with by the legal professions with the ideas of Chiara Lubich, and the way she looks at humanity with all its contrasts, divisions, wounds and separation. After this introduction, the author develops an approachto research on the law that goes back to the “sources”, in order to broaden its horizons rather […]
Lingua: Italiano

"Grida di piazza e ‘silenzi’ in cerca di ascolto"

Abstract: Certain words stand the test of time and their novelty never wears off. Such is the word “pact”, which when used in Pope Francis’s Evangelii Gaudium, means “a social and cultural pact”, an accord about life in society. It concerns the progress of peoples and their cultures. This essay deals with the contemporary search for new insights, on the part […]
Lingua: Italiano
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