"Alle ‘fonti’ del diritto tra norma e vita"

Lingua: Italiano
Abstract: The author compares the way human relations are dealt with by the legal professions with the ideas of Chiara Lubich, and the way she looks at humanity with all its contrasts, divisions, wounds and separation. After this introduction, the author develops an approachto research on the law that goes back to the “sources”, in order to broaden its horizons rather than delving into its complexities. While sustaining the importance of norms, it goes “beyond” norms in the search for a legal framework that includes human relations. These are what constitutes society and therefore the primary focus of law. This approach goes back to the “sources” of law, where the person is the “source” of every relation. This is the basis for what is defined as “juridical experience”. This point of view, founded on a “relational context”, reinterprets a crime as a “wound” in relations. In Chiara Lubich’s thought we find the possibility of a methodology that has juridical value. In putting law and justice together in a “common root”, we open the way for recovering the capacity of relations at the heart of every human society.
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