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"Il principio di precauzione e il bene comune"

Abstract: The progressive development of science and technology demands a profound assessment of the relationship between a range of interests from innovation and the bene ts derived from new discoveries, on the one hand, and people’s well-being, health and security and the need to care for the environment, on the other. This article attempts to examine an institution, the precautionary principle, […]
Lingua: Italiano

"Crisi della democrazia e strategie della fraternità"

Abstract: The crisis in democracy in both developing and long established nations has two sides. The negative side can be seen in the limited participation in politics, increased control of the individual through economic strategies and methods of persuasion, and new forms of internal and external poverty. On the positive side, we see the reawakening of consciences leading to life choices […]
Lingua: Italiano
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