"Crisi della democrazia e strategie della fraternità"

Lingua: Italiano
Abstract: The crisis in democracy in both developing and long established nations has two sides. The negative side can be seen in the limited participation in politics, increased control of the individual through economic strategies and methods of persuasion, and new forms of internal and external poverty. On the positive side, we see the reawakening of consciences leading to life choices expressing greater solidarity and generosity, the creation of new forms of participation, and increased opportunities for freedom in all forms of social life. In this context, the vision of fraternity, enriched and matured through experience and study during the last decade, can make its own special contribution in three areas: participation, responsibility and freedom. These are three elements, research shows, which are present in social economic and political crises, and that unite and help to build up signi cant and just communities. They enable us to develop a “strategy of fraternity” which, beginning from the level of personal commitment, will provide organisation for society and interact with political decisions.
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