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"Address to UNESCO, on the the award of the UNESCO prize for peace education"

Abstract: On December 17, 1996 Chiara Lubich was awarded the UNESCO prize for peace education in Paris. In her acceptance speech, she presented some of the qualities of dialogue as requirements for the achievement of peace, pointing out the openness towards the others, the pursuit of one’s own neighbor’s good and the proper meaning given to suffering in personal and communitarian […]
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"Social relations and fraternity: a paradox or a sustainable model?"

Abstract: The understanding of social relationships requires several paradigms that have enlightened the history of sociology. These paradigms are an expression of a given socio-cultural context. Today we are facing a remarkable change in the cultural structure; is it therefore legitimate to expect the rise of new paradigms? The proposed answer is affirmative and, among many possibilities, the author describes the […]
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"The spirit of Fraternity in politics as the key to European and global unity."

Abstract: On November 9, 2001, Chiara Lubich speaks at the conference “1000 cities for Europe”, participated by over 700 mayors and local administrators from the whole continent. The meeting is the chance to propose the category of fraternity as the key element to interpret european history: the christian roots, the early signs of the construction of the political union and the […]
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"The Movement for Unity for a communion politics"

Abstract: At the first conference of the Political Movement for Unity, held in Castelgandolfo (Rome) June 9 - 11, 2000, Chiara Lubich presents the features of “communion politics”. Talking about the history of the Focolare Movement, Lubich underlines the fundamental contribution of Igino Giordani in the development of the political sensitivity of the Movement itself. Starting from this point, some of […]
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