"Fraternity on the horizon of the city"

Lingua: Italiano
Abstract: June 8, 2001, Chiara Lubich met the local politician and civil servants at the City Council of Trento for an open dialogue, involving the citizens. Introducing the Political Movement for Unity, Lubich presents the qualifying points of a politician that accepts the perspective of unity: to consider the political involvement as a vocation in service of the community; to appreciate and value the other’s political commitment; to love one other’s Country as one’s own. Chiara Lubich explains that fraternity has also a social and public aspect, capable to reinforce the bonds of citizenship. Fraternity suggests the development of an open political agenda: helping the needy, harmonize the various components of a city, develop a dialogue among the components of the voluntary, working and political sectors. This allows, on one side, to rediscover the true local identity; on the other it highlights the universal dimension, inviting cities to create and live in open spaces, ready to welcome the diversity that exists in the territory and within a political community.
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