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"Vittorio Bachelet: uno sguardo verso la fraternità"

Abstract: The publication of a wide-ranging collection of the writings of Vittorio Bachelet gives the opportunity to examine attentively, but with humility, the role that a principle like fraternity has had in the life and work of this great expert in law who was killed be the Red Brigade. From Bachelet’s articles written as a student to the re ections of […]
Lingua: Italiano

"L’amicizia civica in Aristotele"

Abstract: Although the Aristotelian idea of the polis is limited by some features of its historical context (slavery, men-women relationships), it can still be very relevant and productive, as seen by the way it was revived in the work of Christian thinker Jacques Maritain. Based on the relational nature of human persons, it emphasises the polis as a special kind of […]
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"The spirit of Fraternity in politics as the key to European and global unity."

Abstract: On November 9, 2001, Chiara Lubich speaks at the conference “1000 cities for Europe”, participated by over 700 mayors and local administrators from the whole continent. The meeting is the chance to propose the category of fraternity as the key element to interpret european history: the christian roots, the early signs of the construction of the political union and the […]
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"Fraternity on the horizon of the city"

Abstract: June 8, 2001, Chiara Lubich met the local politician and civil servants at the City Council of Trento for an open dialogue, involving the citizens. Introducing the Political Movement for Unity, Lubich presents the qualifying points of a politician that accepts the perspective of unity: to consider the political involvement as a vocation in service of the community; to appreciate […]
Lingua: Italiano
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