"Vittorio Bachelet: uno sguardo verso la fraternità"

Lingua: Italiano
Abstract: The publication of a wide-ranging collection of the writings of Vittorio Bachelet gives the opportunity to examine attentively, but with humility, the role that a principle like fraternity has had in the life and work of this great expert in law who was killed be the Red Brigade. From Bachelet’s articles written as a student to the re ections of his full intellectual and spiritual maturity can be discerned an insight, which becomes a more systematic thought, that looks at society and human community through the lens of fraternity. Based principally on Bachelet’s own words, the article begins by examining the role that fraternity can have in university communities, seeing them from the perspective of their integration in the life of the city. It then follows his thought to its most mature expressions, where fraternity has the place of building peace both in civil society and in international relations.
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