"Fraternity in politics: utopia or necessity?"

Lingua: Italiano
Abstract: Speaking on September 4, 2004, at a convention organized by mayors, members of the Swiss National Council and by the Youth Parliament of Valais, Chiara Lubich presented fraternity as the best political category to address contemporary problems. The tripartite motto of the French revolution, liberty, equality and fraternity, launched the idea that harmonized fundamental values, best represent the development of society. However history, starting with the French revolution itself, has largely forgotten fraternity. So, how can we believe fraternity is possible? Chiara Lubich identifies the signs of a path towards a fraternal society within the processes leading to political and economical union of Countries and in the growing dialogue and cooperation among charismatic movements and religions. The Political Movement for Unity cultivates the personal and communitarian vocation of politicians and of those who deal with public good on the institutional and social level, aiming at realizing common good in the unity of society. For Lubich, fraternity is not simply a value or a method, rather the central paradigm of political life.
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