"Domanda e Relazione. Rileggere la ‘Scienza della Logica’ di Hegel"

Lingua: Italiano
Abstract: Review. This essay arises from the latest publication of Franco Chiereghin: Rileggere la Scienza della Logica di Hegel (Reinterpreting Hegel’s Science of Logic). Chieregin’s work was published two hundred years after the Science of Logic, and it is an original attempt to understand Hegel’s work anew, in the light of the theory of complex systems “under the guide of three key concepts: recursion, retroaction and holograms”. Martino’s study focuses on the first part of the “Doctrine of being”. Starting from Hegel’s question “Where do you start from with science?”, the Author thinks over the genesis of the Hegelian question, that seems configured as “question and relationship”: on one hand the being-in-relationship of the first determination of the Logic allows to investigate the value of the question; on the other hand, it’s only through the question that it is possible to understand the sense of the being-in-relationship in the determinations that characterize the beginning.
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