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"Direito da criança e do adolescente: qual o espaço da relacionalidade"

Abstract: The analysis of society identifies ideologies and practices that contribute to the formation of an idea of childhood. There are models based on fear, incoherence, ignorance, alienation and an inability to cope with the other and, still more, if such otherness is also fragile, there are models that lay the basis for humanity’s distorted attitudes towards its children. Is it […]
Lingua: Português

"Relazionalità e scienza economica. Una applicazione"

Abstract: Using game theory, and in particular “trust games”, it is possible, with a vision of reciprocity rooted in the “trinitarian paradigm”, to unpack gratuitousness as it characterizes reflection upon the category of gift in contemporary thought. In this way it is possible to come to a description of the dynamics of a “unconditional reciprocity”, in which the choice of giving […]
Lingua: Italiano
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