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"Fraternità e riflessione politologica contemporanea"

Abstract: In political science reflection on fraternity as it is understood in its civil and public aspects is constantly developing. The reasons which nourish this development can be classified in two large groups: in the first group fraternity is recognized as a need or a question, on the basis of the awareness that the achievement of the other two principles, liberty […]
Lingua: Italiano

"Riflessioni sull’etica e la fraternità politica. Uno sguardo dall’Argentina"

Abstract: Classical Greek philosophical thought distinguished between doxa (opinion) and episteme (science), making the latter the locus for gnoseology, metaphysics, and ethics. In this way, human actions are governed by knowledge of the truth, also in the political sphere, as underlined by Aristotle. Contemporary political practice, however, abandoning this position, is based on opinion: its policies reflect what the public thinks. […]
Lingua: Italiano
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