"Fraternità e riflessione politologica contemporanea"

Lingua: Italiano
Abstract: In political science reflection on fraternity as it is understood in its civil and public aspects is constantly developing. The reasons which nourish this development can be classified in two large groups: in the first group fraternity is recognized as a need or a question, on the basis of the awareness that the achievement of the other two principles, liberty and equality, which make up the “triptych” of 1789, has remained unfulfilled, or has encountered outright failures; in the second group fraternity evermore imposes itself as an experience and a resource: in fact throughout the last decades, in certain important events, the element of fraternity – in the sense of a conscious, willed, explicit fraternity has played a significant political role. The Author discusses these two groups of reasons, while taking into account the reflections on fraternity of Z. Bauman, E. Morin and A.B. Kern, D. Tutu, C. Lubich, I. Massun, A.M. de Barros.
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