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"Le fondement juridique de la subsidiarite pragmatique internationale"

Abstract: The author examines and illustrates the theme of pragmatic international subsidiarity in relation to certain categories of law and politics, evidencing the implications, limits and potential of these. Constant reference is made to the inter­pretative horizon offered by the Social Teaching of the Church. Particular attention is paid to the principle of fraternity understood as a regulative principle even of […]
Lingua: Françoise

"La ‘Pace Costituente’. Per un’interpretazione integrativa delle relazioni internazionali"

Abstract: This text presents the inaugural lecture of the academic year 2012/2013 at the Sophia University Institute (delivered on 18 October 2012). The author seeks a possible description of the concept of “constitutive peace”. It emerges as an operative concept, as a description of possibility always subject to failure, as the construction of a context which permits the ongoing activity of […]
Lingua: Italiano
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