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"La Pira sindaco e le amministrazioni fiorentine: sviluppo del Mediterraneo e progetti di pace planetaria"

Abstract: Nearly 40 years after his death, Giorgio La Pira continues to be one of the most important political figures both for Italian Catholics but also generally for whoever commits themselves to the common good as a genuine civil vocation. This paper presents the research project that the author is currently conducting at the Sophia University Institute on the theme of […]
Lingua: Italiano

"La vocazione alla città: una sfida del presente con radici antiche. L’esempio e la testimonianza di Giorgio La Pira"

Abstract: The inevitable changes of spaces evermore less self-referential seem to bring with them the need to be referred to a central concept for the development of lived citizenship: the sense of belonging and identity of the population and the fundamental vocation which every urban territory is called to recognize and to achieve in its development and in its history. The […]
Lingua: Italiano
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