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"Potere, autorità, leadership: per una leadership partecipativa"

Abstract: This essay endeavours to elaborate the concept of leadership as a choice and exercise of influence. To do so, it explores the difference between leadership in general terms and “ethical” leadership, emphasizing some characteristics of the latter and the leader’s role in creating and maintaining an ethical climate around him, depending on whether he is in a formal position of […]
Lingua: Italiano

"Truth and Politics: The Loss of Authoritativeness in Contemporary Politics."

Abstract: This article deals with an aspect of the contemporary political crisis in Western countries, namely, the sharpening conflict between politics and truth, a problem interwoven with the progressive loss of authoritativeness in contemporary politics. The risk of reducing truth to opinion is to be expected in a merely procedural interpretation of democracy, obscuring the element of shared truth that lies […]
Lingua: English
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