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"Educazione liberale e indebolimento della democrazia. Una risposta dal principio di fraternità"

Abstract: In spite of the effort of educators to transmit the culture and values of democracy, we are witnessing their decline. This analysis of the decline examines rst of all the model of liberal education. Liberal or humanistic education (as opposed to “professional formation”) is an approach that is better suited to the transmission and formation of those values and basic […]
Lingua: Italiano

"Alle ‘fonti’ del diritto tra norma e vita"

Abstract: The author compares the way human relations are dealt with by the legal professions with the ideas of Chiara Lubich, and the way she looks at humanity with all its contrasts, divisions, wounds and separation. After this introduction, the author develops an approachto research on the law that goes back to the “sources”, in order to broaden its horizons rather […]
Lingua: Italiano

"Fraternità e riconciliazione nella giurisdizione penale"

Abstract: In support of the idea that penal jurisdiction aims at reconciliation, two important examples tend to be cited. One is that of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission in post-apartheid South Africa, in which reconciliation is “first of all a political act, the establishment of a neutral space in which various parties meet in favour of justice and reconstruction”. The other […]
Lingua: Italiano

"Bullying nas escolas: a necessária atuação do dereito da criança e do adolescente com vistas à promoção de uma cultura fraterna"

Abstract: The analysis of the phenomenon of bullying, on the basis of the teaching of Integral Protection, which is the matrix for the Children and Adolescent Law, as well as Fraternal Law, implies a differentiated perspective on that issue, so as not to risk simply criminalizing it. In this context, fraternity is a fundamental element in the constitution of relationships, whether […]
Lingua: Português

"Per un dialogo tra dono e amore. Alcuni spunti da un’intuizione di natura meta-sociologica"

Abstract: This paper follows the intuition that “gift” and “love”, in the social dimensions and dynamics through which they manifest themselves, are co-involved. It offers a comparative analysis – on the one hand – of the sociological thought concerning “gift”, developed by scholars of the Mouvement Anti-utilitariste das Sciences Sociales (MAUSS) – especially A. Caillé (1998, 2008) and J. T. Godbout […]
Lingua: Italiano

"Qualità sociale e rivincita dell’homo agapicus oltre la crisi"

Abstract: A period of history is coming to an end. At the height of the postmodern era, there is a new social awareness. According to Giuseppe Maria Zanghí, this dimension of communion in society is part of being human, and is developing over time. Antonio Maria Baggio sees this re-awakening of the social sense in “civil society”. The present crisis can […]
Lingua: Italiano

"L’amicizia civica in Aristotele"

Abstract: Although the Aristotelian idea of the polis is limited by some features of its historical context (slavery, men-women relationships), it can still be very relevant and productive, as seen by the way it was revived in the work of Christian thinker Jacques Maritain. Based on the relational nature of human persons, it emphasises the polis as a special kind of […]
Lingua: Italiano

"Domanda e Relazione. Rileggere la ‘Scienza della Logica’ di Hegel"

Abstract: Review. This essay arises from the latest publication of Franco Chiereghin: Rileggere la Scienza della Logica di Hegel (Reinterpreting Hegel’s Science of Logic). Chieregin’s work was published two hundred years after the Science of Logic, and it is an original attempt to understand Hegel’s work anew, in the light of the theory of complex systems “under the guide of three […]
Lingua: Italiano

"La proposta personalista di Rosmini, i cattolici liberali e la dinamica società-Stato"

Abstract: Tra la “primavera dei popoli” del 1848 e i processi di unificazione nazionale del decennio 1860-1870, i principali Stati del continente europeo hanno conosciuto importanti cambiamenti politici. Spesso tali cambiamenti hanno modificato sia le istituzioni politiche che le carte costituzionali. Anche l’Italia ha visto impegnati in questo processo i migliori intellettuali. Il lavoro fu quello di aumentare il quadro dei […]
Lingua: Italiano

"Le fondement juridique de la subsidiarite pragmatique internationale"

Abstract: The author examines and illustrates the theme of pragmatic international subsidiarity in relation to certain categories of law and politics, evidencing the implications, limits and potential of these. Constant reference is made to the inter­pretative horizon offered by the Social Teaching of the Church. Particular attention is paid to the principle of fraternity understood as a regulative principle even of […]
Lingua: Françoise
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