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"The spirit of Fraternity in politics as the key to European and global unity."

Abstract: On November 9, 2001, Chiara Lubich speaks at the conference “1000 cities for Europe”, participated by over 700 mayors and local administrators from the whole continent. The meeting is the chance to propose the category of fraternity as the key element to interpret european history: the christian roots, the early signs of the construction of the political union and the […]
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"Fraternity in politics in the history and in the future of Europe"

Abstract: In Rome, on May 9, 2002, in Campidoglio, the “Festival for Europe” takes place to celebrate the entry into force of the treaty establishing the European Coal and Steel Community, the economic early sign of the future European Union. In her speech, Chiara Lubich presents political fraternity as an essential part of the existential heritage of Europe and of it’s […]
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"United Europe for a united world"

Abstract: During the closing session of the seminar organized by the Spanish section of the European Movement (December 3, 2002), Chiara Lubich presented the vision of Europe going towards projects of community and unity. Universal Fraternity is shown as the common challenge for Europe, as well as for the whole world. Chiara Lubich reads the whole European history as a process […]
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