"Fede e giustizia: la lezione di Rosario Livatino"

Lingua: Italiano
Abstract: The news that the process of beatification of Rosario Livatino has begun provides us with an excuse to learn more about this young judge killed in 1990. He was a good example of how religious belief and strong convictions regarding the law and the pursuit of justice can come together. Regarding justice, Livatino underlined two important ideas: the clarity and coherence of legislative dictates that a judge has to apply, but above all the independence, freedom and autonomy of the judge. A magistrate must therefore be free of any connection – in all spheres of his life, both public and private – that could compromise his actions. Alongside this rigour and professional coherence, Livatino saw the duty of humanity: a magistrate must be “a compassionate, humane person, who can condemn, but also understand”. Rosario Livatino practiced his profession as a magistrate to the point of the ultimate sacrifice, while measuring everything in the context and in the light of his faith.
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