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"Notas sobre la fraternidad como principio político y jurídico"

Abstract: Taking into account the current revitalization of the concept of fraternity in the field of Social Sciences, this paper deals with the delimitations of such a concept and whether fraternity constitutes, besides a moral and philosophical principle, also a political and legal operating principle. It compares the significance and the dimensions of fraternity with solidarity, and then explores the implications […]
Lingua: Español

"The Focolare Movement and its social and political aspects"

Abstract: On September 15, 1998, Chiara Lubich presented the Focolari Movement to a group of European Members of Parliament, pointing out her proposal for a political and social renewal, by launching the Economy of Communion. Lubich underlines communion and mutuality in their evangelical roots as the common traits linking economy and politics, the commitment with the polis and the research of […]
Lingua: Italiano
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