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"Il principio di precauzione e il bene comune"

Abstract: The progressive development of science and technology demands a profound assessment of the relationship between a range of interests from innovation and the bene ts derived from new discoveries, on the one hand, and people’s well-being, health and security and the need to care for the environment, on the other. This article attempts to examine an institution, the precautionary principle, […]
Lingua: Italiano

"Sette proposizioni sull’homo agapicus. Un progetto di ricerca per le scienze sociali"

Abstract: The aim of the authors is to begin a study on agapic behaviour, from a sociological perspective, with a view to stimulating further research and initiating a scientific community on this subject. They therefore make seven propositions about Homo Agapicus which could be the basis for empirical research in this field. They observe that in reality multiple forms of social […]
Lingua: Italiano

"Innovazione e comunità: l’amicizia come condizione della conoscenza nella filosofia"

Abstract: An important factor, which seems to be present in every cultural and social innovation, is that these innovations come about through the creation of new forms of community. Human history has witnessed a succession of various types of new community and a study of their typology demonstrates that each one generates a paradigm that is progressively communicated to society at […]
Lingua: Italiano

"On the rise of the value of “bond” into the property concept"

Abstract: This article is part of the debate between gift and law, and focuses in a particular way on the concept and phenomenon of “private property”. It attempts to demonstrate that the traditional model, based on the exclusive power over a good granted to an individual and the freedom to dispose of it and enjoy it for personal gain, has over […]
Lingua: Italiano
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