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"Migrazione e cooperazione internazionale: la dinamica fraterna del co-sviluppo. Un’esperienza in Friuli Venezia Giulia"

Abstract: The article proposes analyzing the transnational dynamic of co-development in the light of the principle of fraternity. Co-development is described as a strategy of cooperation involving migrants as protagonist agents in international cooperative projects which produce positive effects on them, on their country of origin, and on the country destined for their action. This last aspect is brought into particular […]
Lingua: Italiano

"Le fondement juridique de la subsidiarite pragmatique internationale"

Abstract: The author examines and illustrates the theme of pragmatic international subsidiarity in relation to certain categories of law and politics, evidencing the implications, limits and potential of these. Constant reference is made to the inter­pretative horizon offered by the Social Teaching of the Church. Particular attention is paid to the principle of fraternity understood as a regulative principle even of […]
Lingua: Françoise

"L’idea di fraternità nel congresso di Panamá del 1826 e i tentativi di integrazione politica dell’America Latina dopo la sua indipendenza"

Abstract: In its first part, this article outlines some of the characteristics of the principle of fraternity as a political category, by referring to moments and events in the story of Latin America. The author looks at the theme of fraternity and its role in the Panamá Congress of 1826. This was a moment of great historical importance in the development […]
Lingua: Italiano

"La visione politica di Jimmy Carter: tra fraternità e diritti umani"

Abstract: The presidency of Jimmy Carter (1976- 1980) marked a turning point in US policy. Domestically, it was characterized by economic crisis, huge popular distrust in politics, the growth of neoconservatism and increasing bitterness between Democrats and Republicans. Internationally, Carter attempted to recover the path of “enlightened internationalism”, taking up the doctrines of his illustrious Democratic predecessors such as Wilson and […]
Lingua: Italiano

"Seminar: Liberty, Equality, Fraternity?” with Cristóbal Orrego, Pablo Salvat, Miguel Vatter."

Abstract: On April 12th 2007 in Santiago of Chile the academic seminar “Liberty, Equality, Fraternity” organized by the Institute of Political Sciences od the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile took place. Following the recent edition in Spanish of the book El principio olvidado: la fraternidad. En la Política y el Derecho (Ciudad Nueva, Buenos Aires 2006. Italian Edition: Il principio dimenticato. […]
Lingua: Español
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