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"Educazione liberale e indebolimento della democrazia. Una risposta dal principio di fraternità"

Abstract: In spite of the effort of educators to transmit the culture and values of democracy, we are witnessing their decline. This analysis of the decline examines rst of all the model of liberal education. Liberal or humanistic education (as opposed to “professional formation”) is an approach that is better suited to the transmission and formation of those values and basic […]
Lingua: Italiano

"Address to UNESCO, on the the award of the UNESCO prize for peace education"

Abstract: On December 17, 1996 Chiara Lubich was awarded the UNESCO prize for peace education in Paris. In her acceptance speech, she presented some of the qualities of dialogue as requirements for the achievement of peace, pointing out the openness towards the others, the pursuit of one’s own neighbor’s good and the proper meaning given to suffering in personal and communitarian […]
Lingua: Italiano
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