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"Notas sobre la fraternidad como principio político y jurídico"

Abstract: Taking into account the current revitalization of the concept of fraternity in the field of Social Sciences, this paper deals with the delimitations of such a concept and whether fraternity constitutes, besides a moral and philosophical principle, also a political and legal operating principle. It compares the significance and the dimensions of fraternity with solidarity, and then explores the implications […]
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"Criterios fraternales para la implementación de políticas públicas en materia de seguridad ciudadana y para la reforma de las instituciones policiales"

Abstract: This article deals with past and present police reforms. It argues that political control and policy making regarding law enforcement agencies are complex yet relevant issues that need to be studied and debated in both academic and public institutions. Fraternity, as a working concept, could be a useful tool for implementing new policies in orden to avoid previous mistakes and […]
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"Seminar: Liberty, Equality, Fraternity?” with Cristóbal Orrego, Pablo Salvat, Miguel Vatter."

Abstract: On April 12th 2007 in Santiago of Chile the academic seminar “Liberty, Equality, Fraternity” organized by the Institute of Political Sciences od the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile took place. Following the recent edition in Spanish of the book El principio olvidado: la fraternidad. En la Política y el Derecho (Ciudad Nueva, Buenos Aires 2006. Italian Edition: Il principio dimenticato. […]
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"Seminario: Libertad, Igualdad, Fraternidad?”, con Cristóbal Orrego, Pablo Salvat, Miguel Vatter"

Abstract: El día 12 de abril de 2007 se realizó en Santiago de Chile el Seminario académico “¿Libertad, Igualdad, Fraternidad?”, organizado por el Instituto de Ciencias Políticas de la Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. En referencia a la reciente publicación en español del libro El principio olvidado: la fraternidad. En la política y el Derecho (Ciudad Nueva, Buenos Aires 2006. Edición […]
Lingua: Español
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