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"Direito da criança e do adolescente: qual o espaço da relacionalidade"

Abstract: The analysis of society identifies ideologies and practices that contribute to the formation of an idea of childhood. There are models based on fear, incoherence, ignorance, alienation and an inability to cope with the other and, still more, if such otherness is also fragile, there are models that lay the basis for humanity’s distorted attitudes towards its children. Is it […]
Lingua: Português

"Bullying nas escolas: a necessária atuação do dereito da criança e do adolescente com vistas à promoção de uma cultura fraterna"

Abstract: The analysis of the phenomenon of bullying, on the basis of the teaching of Integral Protection, which is the matrix for the Children and Adolescent Law, as well as Fraternal Law, implies a differentiated perspective on that issue, so as not to risk simply criminalizing it. In this context, fraternity is a fundamental element in the constitution of relationships, whether […]
Lingua: Português
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