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"La fraternità come categoria (cosmo)politica"

Abstract: The author begins with an affirmation of the religious roots of fraternity, a category which is present in various religions, and indeed fundamental in Judaism and Christianity. He examines three concepts of fraternity: as consanguinity, as an ethical principle, and as a cosmopolitical category. He shows the historical impact of fraternity and analyses some “realist” criticisms. He suggests some areas […]
Lingua: Italiano

"L’idea di fraternità nel congresso di Panamá del 1826 e i tentativi di integrazione politica dell’America Latina dopo la sua indipendenza"

Abstract: In its first part, this article outlines some of the characteristics of the principle of fraternity as a political category, by referring to moments and events in the story of Latin America. The author looks at the theme of fraternity and its role in the Panamá Congress of 1826. This was a moment of great historical importance in the development […]
Lingua: Italiano
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